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Photo: Maria Barrera (VWI), Sela Mata Gomez, Arlene laboy (VFU), William Vandry, Po J Garcia (STAIVA) , Josue Silguero (STAIVA), Amanda D. Ramirez (VFU)

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William and Chandra Vandry meet with Veterans in the South Valley town of Brownsville, Texas. A one hour meeting extended to almost three hours due to the discussion, goals and communication. William had discussed their research on opioids, PTSD, chronic pain, narcotics and solutions.

South Texas Afghanistan Iraq Veterans Association- RGV President Josue Silguero, and “Po J” Garcia organised the meeting. STAIVA The South Texas Afghanistan Iraq Veterans Association is a non-profit organization which helps ease the transition for military members of all branches and their families from military to civilian life. Their goal is to help, advocate, educate, and assist veterans to any needed resources, funding, medical care and emotional support. Other Veteran’s groups were:

Amanda D. Ramirez, Arlene Laboy and Sela Mata Gomez  from Veteran Females United, a non profit to empower and enable female veterans and their families to live life at their fullest potential.

Representative Maria Barrera from Veteran Wellness Initiative, a non-profit organization aimed at assisting Veterans and their families to achieve wellness through Advocacy & Education, Prevention, Work Support, and Holistic Wellness.

The Vandry’s were invited by Skype to participate in a medical discussion regarding alternatives to PTSD, Opioids, chronic pain and other areas in August.

Co-founders of the pain product St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM, they sampled to each Veteran, including video evidence demonstrating it as a clear alternative to opioids or painkillers when applied to volunteer with pain and knee surgery unable to bend or squat leg since November 2017:


Volunteer stated for 8 months cannot bend the leg or squat due to pain from injury and surgery 8 months prior.

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