Chandra and William invented their International inventor award product St. Judes Miracle oilTM, a product used by athletes to the average person on many with chronic pain. The product you can read more about at  Chandra is lead speaker at our Got Pain? clinics covering medical references on chronic pain, and is an RN w  Chandra has lectured to general public, athletes, disabled, and veterans.

Chandra and William win International inventor's award for St. Jude's Miracle oilTM product

Chandra and William win International inventor’s award for St. Jude’s Miracle oilTM product









Chandra 2019 Got pain meetup

Chandra lecturing at her Got pain? meetup  group 2019

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William and Chandra speaking on chronic pain to Veterans Brownsville, Texas 2018

2017 Hollywood DAV

Chandra’s Got Pain? lecture to DAV members in Los Angeles 2017


Chandra lectures Got Pain? in Dallas, Texas 2017


Chandra and William sample Miracle oil product to all Chronic pain Veterans in 2016


Chandra lectures on nutrition in 2015

-William Vandry, President VHF