Aside from being a Sports nutritionist, filmmaker, author and businessman, William is also a Professor in the Martial art of Jiu-jitsu. A fellow blind friend years ago asked Vandry to teach a self defense class to the blind at Criss Cole Vocational school for the blind on Sundays.  He agreed, and taught for years to the blind, and sponsored grants for them to become Martial arts students. Vandry taught summer camps at the Austin Texas School of the Blind from 2013-16 and many students there still keep in contact. Vandry learned more about hardships, emotional pain, and hopelessness from others that are legally blind.

“I was saddened by how difficult it is in society for the legally blind. I know this personally and have spoke to so many. My goal is to overcome.  Over the years when I taught at Criss Cole or self defense at the Texas School of the Blind, I also discuss health, nutrition and goals to become independent, and not accepting lesser expectations in society.”

– William Vandry

William and his wife Chandra and have received thanks to efforts at making a difference with the legally blind:








Photo: Chandra teaching physical fitness and self defense to the legally blind students at the Texas School of the BlindTCOB award1

Photo: Texas School of the Blind thank you letter to William and Chandra’s annual self defense clinic

William and Chandra also support Blind Veterans of the Armed forces.  William and Chandra reach out to veterans, blind veterans, or disabled Veterans.  They support our veterans whether it is a lunch, a donation, discussing chronic pain, PTSD, or any form of morale support.  Below are thankful Blind veterans letter:


Photo: Chandra and William with blind Veterans at Blind Veterans Association, San Antonio


Photo: Letter of thanks to William and Chandra from BVA San Antonio










Photo: William at 2014 Christmas luncheon with Blind Veterans Association South Texas Regional Group President Guadalupe “Wally” Guerra

Legal blindness occurs through three main ways:

  1. Genetic defect born with
  2. Malnutrition
  3.  TBI (traumatic Brain Injury


Photo: William with blind students from TSBVI and I after a great clinic on self defense 2014

career fair9

career fair5

Photos: Chandra and William with blind students at TSBVI in 2015


Photo: William with blind student 2015


Photo: 2014 William lecturing to Blind Veterans on research related to Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and nutrition to the eyes


One of our goals is to provide education at our lectures or clinics.  Most blind people deal with their conditions according to how they are taught to recover, including vocational education, cane training, learning Braille, developing alternative transportation and other changes in life.

One issue I have never heard once in meetings with any groups, executives, staff or organizations relating to the legally blind is nutrition. The WHO (World Health Organization)  is quoted as saying 80% of all visual impairment can be avoided or cured. When I teach blind students or lecture, I make these points:

  1. I remind them how they have goals, focus on them, and never let anyone deter, or put you down because of your condition.
  2. Maintain goals with daily reminders.
  3. The third is to study nutrition.

Please support our goals to reach out and sponsor the legally blind, to give information on nutrition, new research and new technology. Our goal is to maintain awareness on curing blindness, in the form of nutrition, and new technology for those born with irreparable conditions.  There is nothing worse than the sad stories and low self esteem I have listened to with the blind.  My goal is to show them to overcome.  For more information on research, go to articles pages.

– William Vandry, President, VHF