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Got pain? Documentary gives hope, and doubt against doubting on overcoming chronic pain and diseases.

William and Chandra Vandry, a couple from Austin Texas are researchers of Vandry Hope foundation searching cures for Chronic pain diseases, Traumatic Brain injuries, Eye diseases, and PTSD.

The Vandry’s are also International Gold Medal Award inventor’s award winner for the 2012 International INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition) for their St Jude’s Miracle Oil™ invention, an alternative to opioids and for chronic pain sufferers.

The documentary Got pain? shows their research and hands on approach covering:

– Danger of opioids

– Pain and disease

– Medical statistics

– Lack of nutritional education in medicine

– Medical Doctors own health statistics

– Pain in the military, pro athletes and civilians

– Non pharmacy options and  correct nutrition

– Medical errors are the  third leading cause of death in USA

– A pro athlete overcame being forced to face retirement due to stenosis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and chronic pain

– A woman facing the challenge of breast cancer

– The truth about Lasik surgery

– A woman through nutrition improved vision

– Spinal and joint surgeries statistics

– Spinal surgery patient who had limited mobility and agonizing pain to 99% recovery after correct nutrition

In the film, Vandry interviews former UFC and Japanese Pancrase shootwrestling champion Bas Rutten on his addiction to oxycodene, norcos, and the addiction when in pain.

Got pain? shows William and Chandra’s research related to disease and lack of correct nutrition and detoxification that is a missing part of the health care system, and why our current nutrition and health systems needs to be overhauled.