A charity can be anything altruistic or caring of a need.  The philosophy should not be to wait for a thank you, or an email or letter.  Those are always appreciated, but the objective is to look out for those in need, even if your the only one doing it.  VHF goal  is to find answers through research, lectures and grants to fight blindness, TBI, Pain, poverty and those in need in so many directions.

Chandra and William  have worked out of pocket for years on projects that you can see photos of or articles on. Vandry Hope Foundation was created for the purpose, to develop and run programs promoting nutrition, support for low-income families of Central Texas, as well as Central Texans suffering from traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, and legal blindness.  The Vandry Hope Foundation is a non-profit, registered charitable organization under the provisions of section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  The logo says: “Empowering through knowledge”.  .

Without our VHF staff and volunteers, we could not make our projects happen.

 Vandry Hope Foundation staff

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William Vandry, President

William is a Sports Nutritionist, Sports medicine and Sports injury specialist, Naturopathic practitioner, and consults on nutrition. Specialized certifications: Pain Management and Opioid Misuse Abuse – Pain Management – Management of Persistent Symptoms after Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (Mayo clinic course) – Care and Prevention of Sports Injuries – Key Issues in Glaucoma Management – Visual Acuity and Neuro-Ophthalmology – EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for Veterans with PTSD. If you would like me to consult your issues, please contact William at: wvandry@austin.rr.com

He also is a Professor in Jiujitsu (6th degree under Master Carlos Machado), award winning Filmmaker (Got pain? documentary see on Amazon, IMBD, youtube), and author of two books. William makes solutions to Chronic pain, TBI, dealing with legal blindness, PTSD with Veterans and poverty a priority in his research and work with Veterans and civilians. William has worked with the Veterans along with his parents since childhood, the legally blind since 1997, and believes in making a difference in people’s lives.


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  • William speaking to impoverished 2015 Christmas sponsoring
  • William and President of Blind Veterans Association (San Antonio)
  • William speaking to TX school of blind students for career advice
  • William and Chandra sponsoring 2014 impoverished community
  • William and Chandra lecturing to impoverished on overcoming
  • William with legally blind students from the TX School of the Blind
  • William and Chandra on KXAN news
  • William with two members of Blind Veterans Association


Chandra  Vandry, Vice President

Chandra Vandry heads lectures on Chronic pain, and disease for VHF. Chandra served as a Naval officer, and is an RN in allergy, and Legal RN consultant. Also Chandra is an award winning Filmmaker (Got pain? documentary) and also has a new documentary soon to be released titled Samson, about canine paralysis. Chandra won 10 Best director awards and 20 Best documentary awards. Chandra has worked with Veterans, the legally blind, and impoverished children in her works.



  • Chandra reading Christmas story to impoverished
  • Chandra serving impoverished meals and gifts (4 pics)
  • last photo Chandra lecturing her Got pain? speech on disease, nutrition

Michael Drabek, Secretary


Michael Drabek is a retired SGT. in APD, and has served as a volunteer with VHF over the years in Christmas fundraisers for the low income children, work with the School of the Blind, as a former Veteran serving in Afghanistan, Michael also is a leader in work with Veterans, and serves as VHF secretary.

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  • SGT Drabek with Chandra feeding the impoverished
  • SGT Drabek with other law enforcement giving a hand to event
  • SGT. Drabek and William feeding the poor in 2015
  • SGT Drabek teaching Jiujitsu to blind student at TX School of the Blind (2013)

Lieutenant General (Ret) Don Jones, Military Liason


Lieutenant General (Ret) Don Jones served over 35 years in the U.S. Army in a wide variety of command and staff positions, culminating his career as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Manpower and Personnel Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense.

He retired in August 1991 and joined the staff of the American Red Cross where he served as Senior Vice President for Chapter Services until March 1, 2000. Don holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from St. Benedict’s College and a Master’s degree in Business Management from Central Michigan University. He is currently a consultant and most recently served as Special Assistant for Emergency Preparedness to the President of Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. He and his wife Betty have two children. He has done volunteer service in Killeen/Ft Hood area, and has been a great part of VHF in work with Veterans, leads VHF in projects for homeless Veterans in Central Texas, and has been a key advisor on Military affairs.

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  • Gen. Jones and Chandra
  • Gen. Jones unloading food and personal kits for the homeless and homeless Veterans at Killeen homeless shelter
  • William and Gen. Jones


Thank you to our volunteers that help Chandra and I with projects, research, and giving their selfless time.

— William Vandry, President VHF