Chandra Vandry (RN) with Darnell Physicians

Chandra Vandry (RN) with Darnall Physicians

Vandry Hope co-founder Chandra Vandry presented research regarding opioids, Veteran’s suicide, nutrition and alternatives.  “William and I work with so many Veterans under the radar. This opioid crisis is a disaster, and our Armed Forces need solutions. Reuters last year covered a story about opioids and the heavy toll on veterans.  It mentions Congressman Patrick Kennedy, himself a recovering addict and opioid commission member that stated: “Our veterans deserve better than polished sound bites and empty promises.”

Chandra mentioned Chronic pain and PTSD:

”There are many looking at holistic methods, but validation through research like ours are vital tools. We look forward to working more with our Congressmen, policy makers, and our Military to show possibilities to keep our great military healthy.”

Chandra Vandry (RN) discusses opioids

Chandra Vandry (RN) discusses opioids

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