bva8I am survivor of a TBI, and understand the effects of pain, neurological disfunction, trauma to the body and the overall effect in the lives of those that have had TBI including:

  • personal
  • financial
  • mental
  • and physical

I was faced with a challenge, and a setback due to TBI.  I was told once by a Neurosurgeon that I needed to prepare for a retired life.  I told him I would make him eat those words.  He told me this as I was sitting in a wheelchair.  I was determined to overcome this setback by researching neurology, forms of blindness and TBI.  New research, goals and articles are on our articles page.  TBI has so many affects from blindness, paralysis memory loss, and many others.  Research and solutions such as hope and support are a focus for TBI victims.  Chandra and I speak at our Got Pain? Lectures involving TBI, Chronic pain, and many other areas referenced from NCBI medical journals.  Chandra is lead speaker, and shares medical information we have researched to find new hope for new ways to overcome TBI and other diseases.  Please go to our articles page for more information on research.

– William Vandry, PresidentVHF